Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, Rock Springs Wyoming.

This is Our Lady of Sorrows in downtown Rock Springs, Wyoming.  The Romanesque church was built in 1932, replacing an older Catholic Church that had served the English speaking community in Rock Springs.

Badly photographed ornate entry way to Our Lady of Sorrows.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Rock Springs Wyoming

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is located one block from St. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Rock Springs in what was probably an ethnic neighborhood at the time the churches were built.  In addition to having a sizable Slavic Community, Rock Springs had a sizable Greek community as well, both drawn to the area in the early 20th Century by coal mining.

Sts. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church, Rock Springs Wyoming

This Romanesque church was built in 1912 after a protracted period of time in which efforts were made to build a church specifically for the Catholic Slavic population of Rock Springs, which was quite pronounced at the time. The church was named after brothers Cyril and Methodius who had been the evangelists to the Slavs.  The first pastor was Austrian born Father Anton Schiffrer who was suited to the task given his knowledge of Slavic languages.

Private Chapel, Pathfinder Ranch, Wyoming

Private churches or chapels were once common in England, but they're rare in the United States, and particularly rare in the Western United Statas, but here's an example, a private chapel on the large Pathfinder Ranch in Natrona and Carbon Counties, Wyoming.

These photographs were taken from just off the highway, when I had to stop to make a cell phone call, and are taken with two different lenses, one being the Pentax lens my K-x came equipped with, and the other being a Vivitar telephoto lens built for a Pentax film camera. Pentax digital DSLs will use the old Pentax bayonet mount lenses if the camera is set on the manual settings.

All Saints Episcopal Church, Wheatland Wyoming

This is All Saints Episcopal Church in Wheatland Wyoming.  I don't know the vintage of the structure, but there are a couple of "historic" renderings of it in the form of drawings, to it does date back some decades.   the architecture of the church is a bit unusual, so its style is a bit difficult to characterize.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Church Ruin, West Laramie, Wyoming

This striking church ruin is located in West Laramie, Wyoming

The structure is clearly that of a classic Gothic style church, which was constructed out of stone and cement.  The structure of the church itself would tend to indicate that it was likely built in a classic Catholic church manner, which would indicate here that the church was likely built with a Catholic or Episcopalian congregation in mind, although its location might possibly indicate that it was built as a chapel for the Territorial Prison in Laramie.  The structure is very old, and its been in ruins for as long as I personally can recall.  It's now located on the grounds of a farm, but at the time it was built it would have been actually several miles outside of Laramie, and indeed it would have been at least three miles from the territorial prison.

This church is a mystery to me, and if anyone knows what it was, I'd appreciate knowing.

Emmanuel Apostolic Temple, Laramie Wyoming

This is an older church located in West Laramie, Wyoming.  The sign on the church identifies it as the Emmanuel Apostolic Temple. Given the appearance of the church, and its location, it was almost certainly built for some other Protestant congregation many years ago, but I otherwise know nothing about it.

Unknown Church, Centerra Colorado

These are terrible photographs, but they sort of demonstrate a current trend in American life. This is a very large church, just off of Interstate 25, near Centerra Colorado.

Centerra is an area north of Denver that's being developed heavily, and which features shopping just off the Interstate. This church must serve the local community, adn I dn't knkow anything else about it.