Tuesday, November 19, 2013

St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Laramie Wyoming.

This is St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Laramie, Wyoming, which was originally founded in 1886 as Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische St. Paulus Gemeinde.  It was originally a German speaking Lutheran Church, as the name indicates. It went through a series of denominational changes since its founding, and the last German language service was offered in 1932.

First United Methodist Church Laramie, Wyoming

This is the First United Methodist Church in Laramie, Wyoming.  I know very little about this church, but the design in striking.  When I lived in Laramie I used to pass by it often on the way to school and often thought that the church resembled the keel of a ship, upturned.

St. Joseph's Polish Catholic Church, Denver Colorado

This is St. Joseph's Polish Catholic Church in North Denver.  The church is just a couple of blocks away from another Catholic Church., Holy Rosary Catholic Church, and a couple of blocks away from a Russian Orthodox Cathedral, reflecting the ethnic make up fo this community at one time. Today, the neighborhood is largely Hispanic, but this church still offers Masses in Polish in addition to English.  the school next to it was flying a Polish and US flag on the day that I went by.  The church was built in 1902.

Holy Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Cathedral, Denver Colorado

This is the Holy Transfiguration of Christ Cathedral in North Denver.  This Cathedral is a Cathedral of the Orthodox Church in America, a church which traces its origin to the Russian Orthodox Church after the Russian Revolution. The particular neighborhood this church is in must have been heavily Slavic at one time, as there is a Catholic Church which was built for a largely Polish population all within a couple of blocks, with a third Catholic Church nearby..  Recently I observed a Polish flag, flying with the US flag, on a Catholic school in the neighborhood, but are the area is largely Hispanic today.

There are two bodies that descend from the Russian Orthodox Church in the US today, and I frankly don't quite understand the relationship between the two, but this Cathedral in Denver reflects part of Denver's Russian Orthodox community.  The church dates to 1898.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Rawlins Wyoming

This is St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Rawlins Wyoming.  This church was completed in 1916, and is probably the most prominent building in Rawlins, even taking into account that that Rawlin's Carbon County Courthouse occupied an entire city block.  St. Joseph's is visible from nearly any location in Rawlin's.

The Church is one of the most unique Catholic Churches in Wyoming, and features a copper dome.

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Rawlins Wyoming

This is St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Rawlins, Wyoming.  This downtown Rawlins Church appears to be of newer construction than the other downtown Rawlins Churches, but I don't know anything about it other than its downtown location.

France Memorial Presbyterian Church (Victory Baptist Church), Rawlins Wyoming

This is the France Memorial Presbyterian Church in Rawlins, which was built in downtown Rawlins in 1882. The Gothic style church is still in use, but today is a Baptist church.  The substantial stone structure is one of the oldest churches in the state.