Friday, February 1, 2013

Faith Temple, Rapid City South Dakota

This Rapid City protestant church is built in the Federal Revival style of architecture more common to courthouses.  Otherwise, I know nothing else about it.

First Presbyterian Church, Rapid City, South Dakota

Sometimes a modern architectural feature can really mess up the photographing of an older one, and this church provides such an example.

 This is The First Presbyterian Church in Rapid City, South Dakota. The classic Gothic style church is in the downtown region of Rapid City, and unfortunately the area is dominated by some sort of odd communications tower, which makes photographing the entire building difficult.

I don't know the age of this particular church.

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Rapid City South Dakota

This striking small Episcopal Church, built in the Gothic style, is located in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota. The church was built in 1888.

St. Paul's Catholic Church, Sundance Wyoming

This is a less than ideal photograph, but I was parked in a hospital parking lot at the time I took it and had limited time to do so.  This church is St. Paul's Catholic Church in Sundance, Wyoming.  It certainly is in a picturesque setting, even if the picture is not so picturesque.

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Sundance Wyoming

This is the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Sundance, Wyoming.  This Prairie Gothic style church is obviously an older structure, but I don't know the details of it.