Wednesday, July 18, 2012

St. Leo Catholic Church, Lewistown Montana

St. Leo's history is nicely explained by the National Registry of Historic Places photograph included above.  This beautiful church is a surprise as Lewistown is not a large town, having a population of only about 6,000 people. The church is very large, and strongly resembles St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Casper Wyoming, which was built at about the same time.

St. Benedict Catholic Church, Roundup Montana

This is St. Benedict Catholic Church in Roundup Montana. The church is built in a fairly modern style, although I do not know the year of construction.  It's located directly across the street from the Musselshell County Courthouse.

The Father's House, Crow Agency Montana

This is, admittedly, an odd photograph, and not intended to be disrespectful, but it is a bit startling in a way.  This is The Father's House, a church in Crow Agency, Montana.  The church shares a parking lot with a casino, hence the sign.  From what little I can determine, this Prairie Gothic style church was built as a Catholic Church and was at some point moved to this location.

We unfortunately did not get the opportunity to stop and take a proper photograph, but in the future, if we get the chance, we will.  The reason that we didn't is that a lightening caused grass fire was roaring just outside of town, and it looked as if the highway might soon be closed.