Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unknown abandoned church, Otto Wyoming

This is an abandoned church in tiny Otto Wyoming.  I have no idea what the history of the church is, or when it was built, or what denomination it was.

And, yes, it was foggy when I took these photos.

Christ's Episcopal Church, Cody Wyoming.

In 1965 the Episcopal congregation in Cody replaced their original church with this one, although they kept their historicl structure, which is right next door.

Christ's Episcopal Church, Cody Wyoming (the original one).

This 1902 structure is the first Christ's Episcopal Church in Cody, Wyoming.  Money to build the church is supposed to have been donated from high winnings of a parishioner at a poker game.

First Baptist Church of Cody, Cody Wyoming

A nice log structure in Cody Wyoming, although so obscured by trees, its hard to photograph.  Of course my poorly framed photograph doesn't help either.

Unknown former church, Cody Wyoming (but probably the original Methodist Episcopal Church)

This structure in Cody Wyoming was very obviously once a church, which is even more evident if you are closer to it and can see where some of its features have been removed.  It's been converted into a two story retail establishment.  I don't know its story, but it is located directly across from the current Cody United Methodist Church which might, or might not, give us a clue about its earlier history.  At least the story told about the building of Christ's Episcopal Church in Cody would suggest that this is the original Methodist Episcopal church, in which it was built in 1902.

This too is a poor Iphone photograph, and I will replace it with a better photo if the situation presents itself.

Cody United Methodist Church, Cody Wyoming

A very poor Iphone photograph fo the Cody Methodist Church, taken from my truck window.  If I have time, I'll take a better one on some other occasion. 

I don't know the vintage of this quite striking modern structure.