Monday, August 26, 2013

St. Joseph Catholic Church, Ft. Collins Colorado.

Lex Anteinternet: The Flying V Cambria Inn, Weston County Wyoming.

Lex Anteinternet: The Flying V Cambria Inn, Weston County Wyoming.:

This building, built as a resort in Weston County Wyoming, is included here as it has a substantial attached chapel.

The Flying V  Cambria Inn, in Weston County Wyoming, provides an interesting look into the early resort era of hotels.  Located near where the former Wyoming mining town of Cambria had been, it was built in the style of an English manor house.

 The inn was built with a chapel, the side of which you see here.

 Chapel at the Cambria Inn.


Stained glass windows in chapel.  The window includes variants of the State Seal in two locations.

Some sort of propeller.

Balcony in chapel.

Window dedicated to fraternal organizations.

Bar in inn.

Ballroom in inn.

Ball room in inn.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Lord of Lords Lutheran Church, Casper Wyoming.

This is, admittedly, a terrible photograph, and I took it only because I happened to be walking by and got this odd view of this particular church.  Normally, given the modern architecture, I probably would not have taken this photograph of this south Casper Lutheran Church, which is in a neighborhood which is about to overtake its previously rural setting.

The photograph really doesn't do it justice, as this is not the normal view of this church.