Sunday, January 23, 2011

St Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church, Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City, while commonly associated with the LDS Church, is a city that features a large number of classically constructed churches in the downtown area. This church, the Orthodox Church of St. Peter & St. Paul is one such surprising example, although it was not originally constructed as a church, but rather as a synagogue in 1903. In 1987 the building was sold to an Assemblies of God Congregation, and then later to the Antiochian Orthodox Church. In construction, it is remarkably church like the former Temple Emanuel in Denver which also is no longer used as a synagogue. Also like that building, the building has a strongly eastern character.

Located quite near downtown, the church features the quote, above the front door; "It was in Antioch that they were first called Christians." The Church itself is, as noted, an Antiochian Orthodox Church, a branch of the Orthodox Church, so perhaps that is not surprising. As the Antiochian Orthodox Church is the branch of the Orthodox Church associated with Orthodox Arabs, however, finding this church in Salt Lake City is a bit of a surprise.

Photograph taken with a cell phone.

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  1. It's marvelous that you're doing this blog, actually! I was going around trying to find data on the various religious buildings in Salt Lake City (I am a Mormon with a great enthusiasm for religious architecture). You've got a rich supply of information! Even though it's just a blog, it's great to see others who have an eye for preserving this sort of culture in a world where such things are rare.