Saturday, February 19, 2011

St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Casper Wyoming

St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Casper Wyoming was completed in 1962. The church came about due to the expansion of Casper in the 1950s, and this church is the newest of the three Roman Catholic churches in Casper. Unlike Our Lady of Fatiima, which represented an expansion to the west side of Casper, this church is located in east Casper.

Plans for the church commenced in 1955. Like Our Lady of Fatima, a school was constructed on the site but was never used as a regular grade school. The church is also the largest of the three Catholic churches in Casper, having a very large interior.


  1. Pat
    Love your photographic style!! We tend to photograph many of the same things.
    We will be over your way in Sept - Oct. Plan to come through yellowstone and Little Bighorn then on to Washington Gettysburg.
    Rob Thomas

  2. Rob, that's one heck of a trip!

    Thanks for the compliment, and it's good to know that somebody has actually viewed this blog.

  3. Thanks Marcus,,, say hi to Pat for me, we used to chat regularly when I had the time to soend on SoMH and Australian Light horse sites.
    Tend to be busy teaching these days. Would love to hear from him,

  4. Rob, This is Pat (sorry) and that was my reply above. Marcus and I are both on these blogs as we started the Painted Bricks blog as a joint project. It is supposed to indicate that the comments are from Marcus and I, and I guess the post replies must come up that way too, but it is me (Pat). I should have signed my reply.

    I wondered if you still checked in at SMH and had thought about emailing you recently. It's good to hear from you.

  5. Rob, are you getting in any riding these days?

    Are you going to be able to get a full two months for your trip?

  6. We WISH !!!!
    3 weeks so lots of planning being done. At the moment looking at 4 nights at Yellowstone plus drive to Little Bighorn then fly from Billings to Washington then 2 days at Gettysburg. Then back to Vegas to do some walks in the Grand Canyon the back to LAX. Not doing much riding at all these days, daughter is breeding Hanovarians, I live in Sydney now and teach history at a private school.

  7. Rob, did you get over here as you thought you might?