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Blog Mirror: Lex Anteinternet: Our Lady Derzhavnaya, Icon, found in Kolomenskoye, Russia after having been lost during the Napoleonic invasion

Our Lady Derzhavnaya, Icon, found in Kolomenskoye, Russia after having been lost during Napoleonic invasion.

Our Lady Derzhavnaya, icon.
The Our Lady Derzhavnaya, "the Reigning Icon" was found on this date in 1917 in  Kolomenskoye, Russia.
The icon is believed to have been painted in the 18th Century by an unknown iconographer.  It was removed from Ascension Convent in Moscow province during the Napoleonic invasion of Russia  and hidden in the village church in Kolomenskoye, where it was forgotten.  On this date, in 1917, peasant woman Evdokia Adrianova, from the village of Pererva in Moscow Province, related that she had a dream in which the Blessed Virgin appeared and instructed her to go to the village of Kolomenskoye, where she would find an old icon which, "will change color from black to red."  She did in fact travel to Kolomenskoye and related her story to the village priest who accepted her story and helped her search. They found the icon, which was covered with candle soot, and discovered upon taking it outside that the icon depicted the Blessed Virgin wearing a red robe and with regal symbols.  Because of the day of the event, Russian Orthodox faithful have interpreted the appearance in connection with the abdication of Czar Nicholas II on the same day.

The icon has also been associated by some with the Marian apparitions at Fatima that commenced on May 13, 1917.  This is so much the case that the the Reigning Icon and the Theotokos of Port Arthur icon have been twice taken to Fatima, once in 2003 and once in 2014, a fairly remarkable effort given their age and the degree of attachment to them by the Russian Orthodox, particularly Russian Orthodox emigres, and all the more remarkable given Fatima's strong association with Catholicism..  The icon today is installed in the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral.
Theotokos of Port Arthur icon, which also was taken to Fatima in 2003 and 2014 by Russian Orthodox faithful and which had also been lost.  It was found in 1998 by Russian Orthodox pilgrims in a Jerusalem antique shop.

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St. Brendan Catholic Mission Church, Jeffrey City Wyoming.

This is St. Brendan Mission Church in Jeffrey City, Wyoming.  The Church is served by Holy Rosary Church in Lander Wyoming.

This is one of those photos here that isn't particularly good, as light conditions were completely wrong for the photo when I took it.  However, as I take these when the opportunity presents itself, I went ahead and photographed the church.  If I have the chance, I'll swap it out for a better photograph at some later date.

This small church appears to have been converted from a building used for some other purpose originally in small Jeffrey City.

Eden Valley Baptist Church, Farson Wyoming

This is the Eden Valley Baptist Church in Farson Wyoming.  Other than that is what it is, I don't know anything else about it.

Latter Day Saints, Farson Wyoming.

These photographs are of the Mormon church in Farson Wyoming.  I was stopped to take a photograph of something else at the time, which explains the unusual camera angle of these photos.

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Christ United Methodist Church, Casper Wyoming

Another one of the many Casper churches I hadn't gotten around to photographing, Christ United Methodist Church as photographed out my Jeep windshield. 

I don't know the history of this church but it likely dates to the 1950s.  It hasn't always been a Methodist church and in fact was part of a swap by this congregation for another building they had to another denomination as each of their respective buildings worked better for the other.

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Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, Pinedale Wyoming

This is Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Pinedale, Wyoming.   Construction of the church commenced in November, 1959 (in the winter!) and was completed in 1960.  There are plans to renovate the church given the increase in parishioners over the years.

St. Andrew's In the Pines Episcopal Church, Pinedale Wyoming

Early morning, and poorly focused, photograph of Pinedale's St. Andrew's In the Pines in Pinedale, Wyoming.  This is a nice log structure, but I don't know its vintage.

Community United Church of Christ, Pinedale Wyoming.

Late afternoon photo in shadows of the Community United Church of Christ in Pinedale.   It's obviously fairly new, but I don't know when it was built.

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Catholic Co Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Houston Texas

This is  the new Co Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, which replaced the old one in 2005.  The new cathedral is a very large church located just one block from the old cathedral.

Old Catholic Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Houston Texas

This is the old Co Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston Texas.  The new Co Cathedral is located one block over and this cathedral, originally a 1912 church that was elevated to the status of Co Cathedral in 1959.  The other cathedral for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is located in Galveston, with that church being the Mother Cathedral for Texas.

Iphone photograph from the highway, with the new Co Cathedral also partially visible.

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Houston Texas

This is the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in downtown Houston, Texas.  The church was built in 1875.

This church, located right downtown, has undoubtedly seen a lot of changes in this immediate neigbhorood.

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Former First United Methodist Church, Port Arthur Texas

This is the Ruby Ruth Fuller Building in Port Arthur, Texas.  It was built as a Methodist Church in 1915.

This church may frankly not belong on this blog, as I really question if Port Arthur can be considered the "West".  I highly doubt it.  I don't know where the West really starts, but it's somewhere west of Port Arthur. Still, this church is west of the Mississippi, so I've included it here.

All of which, I suppose, begs the question a bit.  If churches in Port Arthur are in the South (and there are a lot of churches in Port Arthur, are churches in Houston in the South also?  What about churches in Dallas.  Maybe.  Maybe some are in both the South and the West. What about churches in Oklahoma?

Well, we have no desire to create a vast new profusion of blogs, but perhaps we should add a few for this purpose.  We're pondering that, and have reserved the URLs to do it.  For the meantime, as this posting is at least geographically credible, we'll be content to post this one here.

Unknown downtown Houston Church, Houston Texas

The spire of an unidentified church in downtown Houston, Texas, just before my phone battery died.

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"The Church", Granger Wyoming

I took these photographs last year, and posted them at our companion blog, Painted Bricks, where under this title:

Painted Bricks: What is it? Granger Wyoming:

My text at that time noted that I thought the building had church like features, but then it had school like features as well, and I wasn't sure what it had been built as.

Well, to my surprise, two people very familiar with the building posted on that thread and cleared the mystery up.  There responses are below, and you can see the complete original text by following the link on this item provided above.
There use to be a bar in the basement Called the Church bar, my parents own it. The bar has been closed for a long time now. My mom knows more history about it then I do. :) never thought I'd see a blog about the home I lived in, pretty neat to read.

Hello i can tell you that this building was built in 1924 with the intentions of being a church . It was home to Granger school for years . i think it was in the late fifties early 60s Clarice and Martin Tyler took ownership of the building and remodeled the lower part into a bar and the upstairs into living quarters . They closed the bar in July of 2001 and my fiancee and i purchased it in 2003 .

Now we know!

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Lex Anteinternet: Rerum Novarum

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St. Ann's Catholic Church, Saratoga Wyoming

This is St. Ann's Catholic Church in Saratoga Wyoming.  It's obviously a relatively modern church, but I don't otherwise know anything about it.

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Saratoga Wyoming.

A not very good photograph of the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Saratoga, Wyoming.  The church is obviously an older one, and is in the Prairie Gothic style.

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St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Hanna Wyoming.

This is St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Hanna, Wyoming.  This modern Catholic church is located just on the edge of town where several other churches are located.

Latter Day Saints and Assemblies of God, Hanna Wyoming

This is the LDS church in Hanna Wyoming, with a very poor depiction of the Assemblies of God church to its left.  Hanna has a collection of churches all very near each other on a hill on the edge of town.

Unknown church near Ft. Fred Steele, Carbon County, Wyoming.

This abandoned church sits in a ranch yard just outside of Ft. Fred Steele in Carbon County, Wyoming.  I have no other information on it, other than it appears quite old.

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Lex Anteinternet: A lawyers prayer

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United Presbyterian Church, Laramie Wyoming.

These are photographs of the United Presbyterian Church in Laramie.  I'm unsure of the age of the church, but it's a large modern structure with some interesting traditional elements.

St. Andrew's Lutheran Church and Campus Center, Laramie Wyoming

This is the Lutheran St. Andrew's Church and Campus Center in Laramie.  It's actually not very far away from another Lutheran church in Laramie, but presumably was built here to service the needs of Lutheran students at UW.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Laramie Valley Chapel, Laramie Wyoming.

This is the Laramie Valley Chapel, a Baptist church which is an extraordinary large example of a Prairie Gothic church.  The church must be relatively new as it did not exist when I lived in Laramie, although that's quite a few years ago.

Muslim Students Association, Laramie Wyoming

This is a bad photograph of the former church in Laramie Wyoming which is now the Muslim Students Association.  The church in the background is St. Paul's United church of Christ.  This building was clearly originally a Christian church, but I don't know the history of the building, so I don't know what it was.

For classification purposes, I'm listing this under the label "mosque" but I don't think it really is. Rather, its a center. The Muslim students at UW have had a center for quite some time, but up until this building was acquired I do not think they had one that was purpose built as a religious building.  Indeed, when I was a student at UW their center was in an apartment building even though there were a lot of Muslim students at that time.

This photo was taken from my truck as this is in a residential neighborhood and, given the context of the times, stopping to take a better photograph probably would have looked a bit odd, so this bad photo will have to suffice.

Lex Anteinternet: You may not be interested in war, but war is inter...

Lex Anteinternet: You may not be interested in war, but war is inter...: "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you." Attributed to Leon Trotsky, but perhaps apocryphal.   ...

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First Catholic Mass in Wyoming

This entry would also probably make more sense in our Today In Wyoming's History entries, but here is the location of the first Catholic Mass in Wyoming, which was offered by Father Pierre DeSmet in 1840.

Narcissa Whitman and Eliza Spalding at the 1836 Rendezvous

This entry more likely belongs at our Today In Wyoming's History blog, as it isn't so much of a church item (well maybe it is) as a history item.  Note how particularly early this Oregon Trail event was, 1836.  Well before the big flood of travelers starting going over the trail in the late 1840s.

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St. Anne Catholic Church, Big Piney Wyoming

This is St. Anne's Catholic Church in Big Piney, Wyoming.  The church was built in 1934.

Community Congregational Church, Big Piney Wyoming

The Big Piney Community Congregational Church was built the same year that the Episcopal Church was, 1914.

St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Big Piney Wyoming.

This classic Prairie Gothic church was built by the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming in Big Piney in 1914.  Much of the western part of the state, as I'm learing, was settled really for the first time about that time.