Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"The Church", Granger Wyoming

I took these photographs last year, and posted them at our companion blog, Painted Bricks, where under this title:

Painted Bricks: What is it? Granger Wyoming:

My text at that time noted that I thought the building had church like features, but then it had school like features as well, and I wasn't sure what it had been built as.

Well, to my surprise, two people very familiar with the building posted on that thread and cleared the mystery up.  There responses are below, and you can see the complete original text by following the link on this item provided above.
There use to be a bar in the basement Called the Church bar, my parents own it. The bar has been closed for a long time now. My mom knows more history about it then I do. :) never thought I'd see a blog about the home I lived in, pretty neat to read.

Hello i can tell you that this building was built in 1924 with the intentions of being a church . It was home to Granger school for years . i think it was in the late fifties early 60s Clarice and Martin Tyler took ownership of the building and remodeled the lower part into a bar and the upstairs into living quarters . They closed the bar in July of 2001 and my fiancee and i purchased it in 2003 .

Now we know!