Monday, October 24, 2011

Immaculate Conception Church, Rapid City South Dakota

This is Immaculate Conception Church (formerly chapel) in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota. This Catholic church is somewhat unique for the region in that it says its masses, one daily and one on Sunday morning, in Latin, using the Tridentine Mass.

The church obviously once had another name, as the corner stone reveals, which appears to have been St. Mary's, but I do not know the history of this particular church.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cathedral of the Holy Family, Tulsa Oklahoma


These photographs were taken in low light, and therefore they are unfortunately not too good.

These depict Tulsa's Catholic Cathedral, Holy Family Cathedral. Like the other Tulsa churches depicted here, this Cathedral is located in a downtown district featuring many churches. The Cathedral features Gothic and Romanesque architecture and was built in 1914. It was the tallest building in Tulsa at the time it was built. It's a much better looking church than these photographs would suggest.

The church was not built as a cathedral, but became one when Diocese of Tulsa was established in 1972.

First United Methodist Church of Tulsa, Tulsa Oklahoma

This Gothic architecture church in the First United Methodist Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's located in the downtown district where the other Tulsa churches depicted here are. I do not know the age of this church but I'd guess that it was built after 1910 but before 1930.

First Presbytrian Church, Tulsa Oklahoma

 This is the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. As is obvious from the photograph, this church was undergoing extensive construction at the time I photographed it in October, 2011. The church was built in 1926.

Like the nearby Roman Catholic Holy Family Cathedral, this church as both Gothic and Romanesque features.

First Christian Church, Tulsa Oklahoma

This unusual church is the First Christian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Located in downtown Tulsa, in a district which includes several classically styled churches, this church, which I otherwise know nothing about, was dedicated in 1940.

The church has a very Byzantine appearance, and upon seeing it I mistook it for a Greek Orthodox Church. The unusual appearance is somewhat accentuated by the presence of a Christian Scientist church across the street, which I did not photograph as it was fully in shadow at the time I was there, which also features a very large dome and Greek classical features. The church is extremely Eastern in appearance, and while a beautiful structure, this choice of architecture is curious for the denomination.