Saturday, February 26, 2011

Church of the Resurrection, Casper Wyoming

This church is of a very unusual style for this area, with the only church comparable to it, that I am aware of, being a Methodist church in Wheatland Wyoming.

I do not know the history of this building, but based upon its location, the church must have been built sometime between World War One and 1950. My guess is that it was built in the 1920s, but I do not know for sure.

Currently, this building is occupied by an Anglican Mission church, but it has not always been. Up until relatively recently the church was, I think, a Christian Scientist church. Christian Scientist structures seem to favor this Greek Revival style, as evidenced by the large First Christian Scientist church in Denver.

Grace Bible Baptist Church, Casper Wyoming

This church, Grace Baptist Bible Church, is located just off of Second Street in Casper Wyoming. It is styled in the manner of many churches built in Casper after World War Two, but I don't know when it was built. Some time prior to 1960 in any event.

I actually was not aware that this church was here, being located on a neighborhood street I would not have had the occasion to normally travel down, but I ran across it doubling back to take the photograph of the church located in the post immediately above this one. This church is located one block away from that church.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Denver Colorado

This is the Roman Catholic Cathedral for the Archdiocese of Denver. This impressive church is difficult to photograph, due to it's downtown location and towering heights. It was built in 1911-1912.

Mother of God Catholic Church, Denver Colorado

This small Roman Catholic Church is just off downtown Denver. A remarkable thing about this church is it's fairly close proximity, in modern terms, with other Catholic Churches in downtown Denver, however, this one is on the border between the business and residential districts.

This church was built as a Protestant church in about 1900 and saw use by various denominations until the 1940s, when the Archdiocese of Denver purchased it.

A nice history of the Parish can be found here.

St. John in the Wilderness Cathedral, Denver Colorado

This is the Episcopal Cathedral for the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. Located in Central Denver, construction on the church was started in 1909 and completed in 1911.

These photographs do not do it justice. The cathedral and associated buildings take up an entire city block.

Unidentified, Denver Colorado

Central Denver has a large number of traditional styled churches, of which this is one. Taken from my pickup truck window while stopped at an intersection, I was unable to identify it.

St. Patrick's Presbyterian Church, Greeley Colorado

This is St. Patrick's Presbyterian Church in downtown Greeley Colorado.

St. Mary's Cathedral, Cheyenne Wyoming

This is the Roman Catholic Cathedral for the Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Located in downtown Cheyenne, the cornerstone was laid in 1907 and the cathedral was consecrated in 1909.

This Roman Catholic Cathedral is a contemporary, in terms of construction, to the Cathedral of the Madeline in Salt Lake City, Utah. I noted this as the Cathedral of the Madeline, at least according to its corner stone, was originally called St. Mary's Cathedral. In early 20th Century terms Salt Lake and Cheyenne were quite some distance away, but that distance could still be traveled in a day on the Union Pacific, so it's interesting to note that two St. Mary's Cathedrals were being constructed in the region at the same time.

The Cathedral is on a block called "Cathedral Square", which is located across the street in one direction from the Joseph C. O'Mahoney Federal Courthouse and, in another direction, from the Wyoming Supreme Court. It is about two blocks away from the Wyoming State Capitol.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Cheyenne Wyoming

This is the second Wyoming Episcopal Church named St. Mark's that has been posted on this blog, but this one is older, and in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Located in downtown Cheyenne, this church was built in 1888 and was patterned after Stoke Poges Church in England, a church built in the 11th Century.

Of some interest, thsi church is just slightly younger than the Episcopal Cathedral in Salt Lake City, which is St. Mark's Cathedral.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Casper Wyoming

St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Casper Wyoming was completed in 1962. The church came about due to the expansion of Casper in the 1950s, and this church is the newest of the three Roman Catholic churches in Casper. Unlike Our Lady of Fatiima, which represented an expansion to the west side of Casper, this church is located in east Casper.

Plans for the church commenced in 1955. Like Our Lady of Fatima, a school was constructed on the site but was never used as a regular grade school. The church is also the largest of the three Catholic churches in Casper, having a very large interior.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church (the original one)

This is the original building for St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Casper, Wyoming. This church was used until the impressive newer structure, featured below, replaced it.

This is also the oldest existing church in Casper. Other churches would have been contemporary to it, but when they were replaced with larger more substantial buildings, they were generally taken down. This church is now located at the Natrona County Fairgrounds.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Community Presbyterian Church, Shoshoni Wyoming

This church exhibits typical small town church architecture in the rural West. This particular church is located in the small Wyoming town of Shoshone.

Full Gospel of Christ Church, Casper Wyoming

I don't know anything about this church at all, other than that it is located in an older section of Casper, Wyoming, and it has an unusual, almost old fashioned British Isles look to it. It's located in a residential neighborhood, as quite a few churches are, but it's fairly distinct looking.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Casper Wyoming

This is Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church in Casper, Wyoming. This is one of only four Orthodox Churches in Wyoming, and one of only three Greek Orthodox Churches. The other two Greek Orthodox Churches are located in Rock Springs, Wyoming and Cheyenne, Wyoming, communities that obviously had substantial enough Greek communities for the establishment of a church. A fourth Orthodox Church can be found in Gillette Wyoming but it is an Antiochian Orthodox Church.

Riverton Museum (Riverton Methodist), Riverton Wyoming

This church building was built as a Methodist church in 1916 and served as the Methodist Church until 1960. Now it is the Riverton Museum.

St. Margaret's Church, Riverton Wyoming

This Roman Catholic Church serves Riverton Wyoming. It was built in 1952. A Catholic School is located on the same block, just behind the church.